I used to accept everything presented to me . I mean I’d seek and whatever came my way I accepted. Especially if it saw me as valuable even if they weren’t.

I used to accept what wasn’t intended for me.

I used to accept what was never meant for me.

I used to accept the unacceptable as mine.

I don’t have to.

I never had to but unGodly beliefs trained my brain to accept it like it was my last meal.

I don’t have to!!


Today God told me not to stop dating. I felt maybe I should pull back. Stop pursuing the family that I have been diligently hoping and praying for.

God said no.

God: “Why would you stop now my lamb? You’ve come so far.”

Me: Are you serious?? I have your permission to date MORE? Aren’t you supposed to stop me! Put me back in your protective glass cage that I have been in for 7 years? You serious!?!?? Don’t be playing with my emotions Lord!

Me some more: Seriously, what has changed?

God: “You can say no now.”

Me: *shocked*

You ever feel caged? Like the Lord doesn’t want what you want. That he doesn’t want to give you your heart’s desire or what YOU think is your greatest good?

Take on God’s perspective before coming to that conclusion and agreeing with it. 

I would of accepted the wrong person a THOUSAND times if God didn’t step in and say noooooo FOR me. Jesus stood in the gap for me and REFUSED to let me settle. I even begged and cried for Him to let me settle. I remember it clearly: “Why Lord why can’t I make all the mistakes of others? You let my mom and sister marry three times! They have a family and kids now so why won’t you let me make the same mistakes! At least they have something to show for it. They have fruit from their mistakes. God given fruit that attests to your faithfulness. Why can’t I have that?”

My tear-filled begging didn’t move the Lord. Generational curses were being destroyed with me and generational blessings were being released. Did I know that at the time? NO. Would I have even cared. Nope sure didn’t (lol). I just wanted what I wanted but God knew my truest desires to be cherished and loved. That would of never happened in all the relationships and marriages I would of had if Jesus didn’t stand in the gap and say NO.

I highlighted At least above because I was willing to accept the least of what God had for me to soothe the heart ache I was feeling. God knew I would survive it. He knew MORE than me and I submitted over and over again to what He asked of me.

I’ve said no to several opportunities this 1.5 years that would of given me what I thought I wanted. Surprisingly, I do not want them. I want more of God. I want more Holy Spirit. I want more Jesus manifestations and miracles. Sure, I want my own family but I crave MORE Him than anything I’ve ever wanted this far.

That’s a good place to be ladies and gentlemen.

Jesus trusts me to stand FOR MYSELF and say NO to what is not of Him.

Wow!!! The wobbly baby calf can now stand. *miracle*

Now watch her STRUT! No slaughter house for this filet mignon.

God has a GREATER plan so keep STRUTTing forward….even if it HURTS beyond imagining. Know it’s worth being at the place of complete contentment eventually. There is always a process. Fall into it and let God be who He is: God!!!!