I use to pray for a man to come save me from my situations.

I used to pray for a Godly righteous Christian man to come swoop down and teach me God’s ways and be guided with patient love (how romantic right?)

I used to pray for a man who had it all together so he could help me get it all together.

I used to pray for all this and more…

until God created me into what I was praying for.

I understand now that He did send someone to save me from my circumstances and His name is Jesus Christ. At the time I couldn’t see what He was trying to give me: a truer Freedom. I thought freedom from my circumstances would make me free but it would just free me up for more circumstances.

Some women are blessed in this way. They met the love of their life early. Sure, they may have struggled together to make it and yet grew up to either appreciate each other or tear each other apart. Either way they experienced the word I hold most dear: Family.

Family is the most dearest thing to God’s heart and you and me can be apart of it. Believe in the power of His son Jesus and surrender your life to Him. That’s it. Easy.

Easy?? Ha. ha. ha

Unfortunately, the first thing a new Christian does is try to change who they are themselves. All on their own. They strive and stress and turn their whole focus on NOT SINNING instead of embracing the Forgiver and His forgiveness. So I spent a lot of time failing at NOT sinning and striving so hard to be the perfect Christian (probably so I could snag that perfect Christian man? right…lol)

6 years later, I learn how to embrace the Father’s Love and call Him Daddy. That’s when my life truly changed. When I could finally see who I truly was according to His thoughts, His opinions, and His divine plan. I didn’t need to change me. He loved me just the way I was, I am, and ever would be.

So this man on a white horse that was supposed to come save me from my circumstance? God sure did send Him. His name was indeed Jesus but instead of saving me from my circumstances He taught me how to fight through them with Power, Grace, and Love which are all gifts from the Father. Jesus didn’t save me from my circumstances, instead He saved me from myself and taught me how to stand as a strong woman of God.

THAT my dear readers is true FREEDOM.

I understand most recently why God didn’t answer my prayer for that Godly man 7 years ago. I wouldn’t of been his equal. He would suffer at my ignorance and I would of constantly broken his heart by my weaknesses and poor choices. It wouldn’t of been fair to either of us and it would of failed.

We all know God’s plans never fail so here I am: Single.

That great big SSssssss word.

Some times it does hurt. It hurts to know that one of the greatest desires of your heart is the last to be met. I take that hurt and give it back to God and He reassures me it’s there for a reason. It’s all about timing. He holds nothing back from those He calls His and the wait isn’t some punishment for not being adequate enough.


The hearts of men are changing. Hardening. Divorce is an ordinary word now. As females, we must not be asleep to this but always sharpening the gifts and talents God has bestowed on us.

God has and is calling His women to stand firm in who they are: mighty warriors.

Now take your positions! It’s either sword in hand or waiting for that phantom man to come save you from your corner.

Just remember this: “NO ONE EVER CONQUERED A GIANT BY HIDING” – Raquel I. Aguilera.