God is Joy.

God is faithful.

God is goodness.

He has great plans for your life and it starts TODAY!


When God gives you a promise over your life, He starts His work NOW in this moment. He wants us to expect that with our next breath good things are happening. Not only good things but miracles and wonders and that His promise to you and your future has already set root in your soul and one day BURST at the seams. 

Soo whatever you speak out with your NEXT BREATHE will be the profession of faith that will come through. Therefore, if the first thing out of your mouth is doubt “no way, that can’t be..not me!” Than it is done. It will not be you. 

But if you grab on to it. Hold it tight and grasp with both hands and yank it down from heaven than it is yours. Acceptance is a powerful thing. If you accept untruths like “I’m a failure” or “I’m nothing and no one loves me” than that is exactly what you’ll be. Even worse, that is what you THINK you are and start living life out of that mind set. 

So accept TRUTH.

So accept LOVE.

So accept God’s goodness and great plans for you.

Don’t deny them even in the face of a big bad boogie man that stirs up waves of flashy trouble.

CALM yourself and accept that you are special, wanted, and full of friendhips and family that expands the Kingdom of Heaven. 

You belong

You matter

You are HIS!!

NOW, today, walk out HIS truth because it’s yours! Don’t let yourself get in the way!