I faced a lot of giants recently. 

Angry, controlling in your face giants. 

They start out all calm and serene looking but they soon turn into ferocious beasts when you don’t give them what they want or if they feel things are out of their control. THey push and pull or even bully their way into having control over you again but I’ve caught on. 

So I take a stand. Not an ugly one. No not at all. I just let my No be a No and my Yes be a Yes. I always honor my commitments, unless an emergency arises, but the No part of that sacred scripture has escaped me recently. I hadn’t realized I had been compromising what I wanted so there would be peace. That’s not always a bad thing necessarily but I seemed to have been putting people’s wants in front of God…tis tis tis.

So as the months have gone by since I’ve been back on Facebook, God has systematically removed or shaken like and stirred these controlling and co-defendant relationships. 

Some have been reconciled and others will most likely never be. I’m ok with that. Beyond ok really. 

The video below is a giant I’ve been wanting to conquer since last summer and God provided a most beautiful way for me to do so. Not only was I reconciled with the pretty little ladies from my former post “Little Tiny Messes” but I got to hang out with some awesome artists and my former boyfriend’s wonderful family. It was truly a blessing, a miraculous reconciliation, and I’m greatful for this opportunity. Thank you!!