I always wondered why I could just stare at the oceanFor hours taking in the waves and the motion

Trying to capture all the beauty it possessed
Hoping some how to bottle the peace it gave me

Hoping to just take a piece with me
The crashing waves their methodical embrace…

Brought me to a tranquil place
The power that collided

Than collapsed into nothingness
It captured my soul…it harkened my spirit
I could sit in the sand…forever…watching…longing for more

Wanting that enraptured release and lure
In my prayers recently God meets me there.

At sunset when you can almost see the whole world in the hues of bronzed yellow and red
Isn’t it beautiful?”, He asks me?

Yes, I reply, it’s beautiful, but why are we here?
This is why you love the ocean so much, Raquel. This is where I meet you, Our secret place.”
I began to cry because I knew it was true. He had always been there. 

When I went to the ocean it reminded me of something long lost. 

I searched every wave for answers. I searched every hue for divine purpose. 

I searched every cloud wondering is that You? 

Even through my pondering I found a peace there, 

a remnant of what I could be experiencing within Christ. 

The ironic thing is I’ve never swam a day in my life until recently…


As I ponder these words, I wondered what I really longed for and was it worth longing?

I go around thinking a new car, a job, having a career, being a leader is going to make me something but the reality is that inside I feel like crap and think I’m worthy of nothing (used to anyway).

In reality these things a new car, a job, a career make me just like everyone else. These dreams are too small for God. They are not God shaped or God SIZED.

So now I dream of the ocean. WIDE, GRAND, covering most of the Earth and I ponder why I ever thought a car, a job, a career would ever get me anywhere. 

You see the ocean was created out of Pure Imagination. God’s imagination and creativity brought into being one of the most majestic things we have access to. 

THAT’s the place our God takes me to. A place of pure imagination because that’s what will give you God shaped dreams and desires. The only place a new car will get you is to the end of a road.